July 1, 2018: PipeMare Piccolo update

After finishing the accordion in the PipeMare project, the focus turned to one of the pipe organs in the same project, i.e. the PipeMare Piccolo organ.

All pipe dimensions have been measured, and placement of the organ valves were planned:

Placement of valves on the underside of the toeboard

While the pipes on the topside of the toeboard are placed in nice and even rows, the underside is more chaotic. Because of space restrictions, the valves must be placed rather strangely to make room for all of them. Fortunately, noone will see it once the windchest is closed.

The topside of the toeboard with countersunk holes

The topside of the toeboard has been stained and varnished. Flatbottomed coutnersinks has been drilled, fitting pieces of PVC pipe for the pipes. This way of making pipe-to-toeboard seals makes it easier to make and makes the organ more robust, when we need to move it.

PVC tube pieces placed in countersunk holes

On the toeboard is also placed three Ø25mm clear acrylic rods. These will carry the first layer of pipe support, which will be made with a sheet of clear acrylic glass.

Valves being mounted in the windchest/toeboard

The valves are being mounted, but until a shipment of new self tapping screws arrives, nothing more happens.

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