November 2, 2019: PipeMare update

PipeMare controller drawer completed

So, the PipeMare controller hardware is finally assembled and mounted inside the cabinet drawer. This took quite a bit longer, than I had planned, but now it’s done.

The PipeMare controller electronics

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that we are close to having a working tripple organ. None of the controller circuitry parts has been tested, and there is still quite a lot of programming of the two microcontrollers to do. I also need to make some changes to the EnsembleBot master circuitry, specifically some changes to our CAN bus and power scheme. As a result, some minor but difficult changes to the PipeDream61 organ controller, as well as firmware changes to the master controller, are necessary.

Most of these things need to be addressed, before we can even begin unit testing the PipeMare controller parts. Personally, I had hoped to finish the PipeMare organs by Christmas, but sadly that looks quite unrealistic at the moment.

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