September 6, 2019: New pressure monitor

New PipeWind pressure sensor

As mentioned earlier, I decided to replace the STM32F103C BluePill microcontroller in the PipeWind pressure monitor/logger with a more problem-free and widely supported Teensy 3.2. This replacement exposed some problems with our chosen graphics TFT display, as it turned out be both extremely slow and unreliable. So, I replaced the display with a much faster and better ILI9341-based display.

Unfortunately, the breakout PCB of this display is larger than the old one, so I had to drop the nice, compact enclosure and use a much bulkier and uglier junction box. Damn.

Anyway, the pressure sensor worked right away, and even though I haven’t programmed the actual logger/analyzer function yet, the box shows the organ air pressure in mmH2O above ambient pressure. The rest is just basic programming.

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