June 19, 2019: PipeMare confessions

16-channel MOSFET drivers for electromagnet organ valves
16-channel MOSFET drivers for electromagnet organ valves

Damn. After assembling and air soldering the last two pipe driver boards for the PipeMare controller circuitry, I realized that I placed all the onboard LEDs the wrong way. So now, there are no fancy lights to indicate that the board is functioning correctly.

Furthermore, it turns out that the 12mm brass stand-offs that I planned to use to stack the boards (like the PipeDream organ drivers) are just one millimeter too long for the entire stack to fit into the PipeMare controller drawer. If I had a small lathe, I could easily have shaven off a bit of the 12mm stand-offs, but lacking the right tools I have to order them from China. No big deal, but still yet another delay.

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