November 19, 2018: PipeMare update

Finally some progress. The windchest for the PipeMare Flutes is well under way, and as mentioned in an earlier update, we have changed the basic design a bit, compared to our other windchests.

PipeMare Flute windchest under construction

Instead of placing the magnet valves directly under the pipes, we let the valves vent into a small expansion chamber and from there into the pipe. Hopefully this small buffer will improve the attack of the pipes. If not, well, then at least it was fun designing and building (and fortunately quite easy and cheap).

PipeMare Flute windchest under construction

There is still a lot of work before the winchest is finished, but most of the actual construction is done. We only need to make the expansion chambers tightly sealed, drill holes for the air intake and the electrics and drill out the exhaust holes for the pipes. Then, of course, there is the mounting and cabling of magnet valves, but that is trivial.

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